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Since December 2018, Supermetrics announced its new functionality to get data from Instagram Insights. Now with Supermetrics for Google Sheets and Supermetrics for Google Data Studio, you can set this awesome tool to generate automate dashboards of Instagram.

This article comes with Supermetrics Data Studio template, don’t miss it.

What can you get from Supermetrics Instagram insights?

First, you must select your Instagram account and Supermetrics will ask you for access through Facebook, your Instagram account must be connected to Facebook to complete this process. If you get any issue, please read this document.

Instagram Metrics you can get from Supermetrics

  • Followers
  • Follows
  • Posts
  • New followers
  • Profile views
  • Profile impressions
  • Profile reach
  • Phone call clics
  • Text message clics
  • Website clics
  • Interactions per post
  • Comments per post
  • Likes per post
  • Impressions per post
  • Reach per post
  • Saves per post
  • Video views

Instagram Dimensions you can get from Supermetrics

  • Year
  • Month
  • Day
  • Date
  • Profile Id
  • Instagram Id
  • User name
  • Post Id
  • Post type
  • Post URL
  • Post message
  • Genre
  • Age
  • Country
  • Region
  • City

This data is enough to monitoring and build comparative analysis of your Instagram accounts and it could help you to take strategy decisions, content types, formats, etc.

¿How to get Instagram insights data?

I will show you 2 ways: Supermetrics for Google sheets and Supermetrics for Data Studio, the easy one.

Supermetrics for Google Data Studio

The easy way to build the Data Studio Dashboard. You must copy an add your own Instagram account, with this you will see your own KPIs, even you can make modifications to the template according to your needs. If you don’t know how to connect your account with the template, this is a very simple guide step by step.

Supermetrics for Google sheets

  1. Create a new spread sheet of Google docs.
  2. Download the Addon Supermetrics for Google Sheets in Addons menu. Click here to read full documentation about download Supermetrics.
  3. Launch side bar in Supermetrics in options.
  4. Choose “Data Source”, then “Instagram Insights” and access to your Instagram account.
  5. Choose in “Select pages” the Instagram account you will use.
  6. Choose a date range
  7. Choose the metrics you wish to analyze, rememeber you can’t mix page metrics with posts metrics. What does it mean?
  8. Choose dimensions to distribute data. For example, date vs followers or posts vs post likes. Do it by raws or columns to build the best version of your dashboard.
  9. *Optional, choose a filter if you wish to show some posts, accounts, pages, or specific options.
  10. Click on “Get Data to Table”.

Instagram insights report using Supermetrics for Google Sheets and Google Data Studio

After download data you should show a pretty dashboard to amaze your clients.

To buil a dashboard like this, you can use Google Data Studio totally free. I have prepared a template to you. Only need some clics. Do this to use it:

1. Acquire a Supermetrics for Google sheets demo clicking here.

2. Install Supermetrics Addon. If you need help click here.

3. Click here to Google Docs and follow the steps:

4. Go to Add on menu > Supermetrics > “Duplicate this file for another account”.

5. Choose Instagram account.

6. Click on “Duplicate the file”.

We just duplicate the spreadsheet with your Instagram data👍. Now, we are going to build the dashboard using the Google Data studio template.

  • Click here to open Google data Studio Template.
  • Click in menu File > “Make a copy of this file”.
  • Choose your data source:
    • Go to right column “New data source”.
    • Choose Google Sheets.
    • Choose the sheet you just created in step 3.
    • Choose the tab from Google sheet “Dashboard_Instagram | Sample”.
    • Note the metrics and dimensions are correct.
    • Click on “Add to report”.
  • Your report must be ready, edit format and style: colors, forms, give it your personal touch.

You can create your Supermetrics Instagram Dashboard like this way.

Do you want to get a Supermetrics trial? Click here and get 14 days.

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