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Supermetrics add on is a complete online tool and have the capacity to connect many plataforms, one of them is Facebook insights. Supermetrics for Facebook insights allow you to extract data directly from Facebook pages to build automate dashboards.

This article comes with Supermetrics for Data Studio template, don’t lose it!

Metrics you can extract from Supermetrics Facebook Insights

  • Page likes
    • Total likes
    • New likes
    • Dislikes
  • Reach
    • Total reach
    • Organic reach
    • Paid reach
    • Viral reach
    • Posts reach
    • Facebook page visitors
  • Engagement
    • People interacting
    • Likes
    • Comments
    • Shares
    • Content clicks
  • Posts actions
    • Likes
    • Comments
    • Shares
    • Link clicks
    • Other clicks in posts
    • Photo views
  • Reactions
    • Like
    • Love
    • Wow
    • Haha
    • Sad
    • Angry
    • Thankful
    • Pride
  • Content impressions
    • Page views
    • Total impressions
    • Paid impressions
    • Viral impressions
  • Video views
    • Paid views
    • Organic views
    • Total views
  • Check – ins
    • Check – ins
    • People check – ins

Those and other metrics can be extracted by Supermertrics for Google sheets and Supermetrics for Google Data Studio and its connector for Facebook Insights.

Supermetrics Facebook Insights and its dimensions

In additions to Facebook metrics, we can distribute the data through the following dimensions:

  • Date
  • Facebook page’s name
  • Posto name
  • Post URL
  • Post type
  • Post message
  • Video
  • Vide title
  • Video description
  • Video URL
  • City
  • Country
  • Language
  • Gender
  • Age

This information contributes to the analysis and content strategy behavior. Organize your data through graphic and tables and understand better your KPIs.

Supermetrics facebook Insights + Google Data Studio

Clic para usar reporte

Do you want to use a pre-made template of Facebook Insights? Watch the next video or follow the steps:

Step by step using Facebook Insights Data Studio template

1. Login in your Google account.

2. Choose one of Google Data Studio Templates available in this blog.

3. Click in copy icon located in upper-right corner.

4. If it is the first time you use Google Data Studio, it will request you some permissions. If you agree just fill the forms and click accept. If you have used Google Data Studio before just skip this step.

5. It deploys the dialogue box Copy report. Choose drop-down and data source.

6. Click on Create data source.

7. It deploys all data sources, scroll to explore.

8. Search the data source you need in your dashboard, depending the template you chose, for example, Facebook Ads or Instagram Insights. Here is the complete list of data sources Supermetrics for Google Data Studio.

9. Click on data source you need, remember how Supermetrics logo looks like.

10. Choose Authorize.

11. Authorize your Google account to use Supermetrics.

12. Click on allow.

13. Click on authorize again to acces data source where you will extract all data.

14. Occasionally, it will request your authorization again.

15. Click on OK, let’s continue.

16. Click on connect.

17. It deploys all metrics and dimensions, scroll to explore.

Here you don’t have to do nothing, just name your data source as you want (I suggest page, media or account name to don’t get confuse with many data sources).

18. Click on Add report

19. Click on copy report

A new tab will open, it contains the same template you chose but the data is from your accounts. Dashboard is ready to use or customize if you wish to modificate some elements. Enjoy automation and don’t forget go to Supermetrics, this trial it’s just for 14 days.

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