Re authenticate Supermetrics for Google Sheets

Some cases, is necessary to reathenticate the account you are using with Supermetrics. Follow the next steps to complete re authentication. I’m going to use a Facebook Ads account as example:

1. Choose empty field in Google sheet.

2. Click on superior menu: Add ons > Supermetrics > launch side bar.

3. If Supermetrics bar is still modifying a table, be sure click on Exit button.

4. Choose in Supermetrics bar Data source > name of account you will re authenticate.

5. Click on arrow the name of data source to deploy.

6. Click on “Log out all” to decouple the accounts are currently connected.

7. Click on “Log out all” again confirming your selection.

8. Login again, search for data source and click again.

9. Login process will start again, usually is a pop-up or a new tab. Follow the steps to access again in your accounts.

10. If you need to add more than one account, deploy the account name and choose option “Add new account”.

Following the instructions, you will extract your data normally again from Supermetrics for Google sheets.

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