How much does Supermetrics cost?

Supermetrics pricing

Supermetrics has many plans and products, the cheapest license is USD $39 / month (annual payment). You must know each product has different pricing according to the buyer needs. I’m going to tell you what are the most popular Supermetrics product’s prices to automate business reports and dashboards.

Supermetrics monthly pricing

Monthly payment is “easier” to pay, basically you can pay as your clients pay to you. (well, it’s my case)

PlanSupermetrics for Google sheets (USD) Supermetrics for Data Studio (USD)
Hobby / Individual connector $ 0 $ 50
Pro $ 127 $ 127
Super Pro $ 255 $ 383
Entreprise N/D  N/D

Supemetrics annual pricing

You save 22% paying annual license.

PlanSupermetrics for Google sheets (USD)Supermetrics for Data Studio (USD)
Hobby / Individual connector $ 0 $ 468
Pro $ 1188 $ 1188
Super Pro $ 2388 $ 3588
Entreprise N/D N/D

Supermetrics for Google sheets pricing

Get a license and connect different data sources to your Google sheets and update it automatically. There are 3 plans:

Supermetrics Google sheets Hobby pricing

This is a free plan but only connects to Google Analytics. If you only need to connect Google Analytics use this add-on. You won’t use the real potential of Supermetrics with “Hobby” plan. Go to trial with other plans, that’s my suggestion.

Supermetrics Google sheets Pro pricing

This plan let you connect many data sources, set update triggers weekly and run until 1.500 queries daily. This is enough to maintain marketing reports at least for 20 clients. I’m talking about Facebook data or data from ad campaigns that don’t have a high-volume data like a mobile app or big data base queries.

Supermetrics Google sheets Super Pro pricing

Super Pro allow you to extend even more the queries’ capability and set daily updates. That plan has Hubspot integrations, Snapchat and Verizon Media.

Supermetrics Google sheets Enterprise pricing

A custom plan for punctual needs and big business that need high data volume, this plan even updates data hourly.

Supermetrics for Google Data Studio pricing

With license Supermetrics Google for Data Studio you can maintain reports and dashboards in Google Data Studio updated each time people load the dashboard in their browser.

Supermetrics for Google Data Studio individual connector pricing

Choose three (3) accounts for any data source and automate reports; I mean, you have connection for three Facebook Ads accounts, three from Instagram, three from Google Ads, etc. An ideal plan for businesses that don’t have many digital assets and wish to track effectively their digital operation.

Supermetrics for Google Data Studio Pro pricing

Supermetrics for Google Data Studio Pro makes the same than individual but handle 20 accounts per data source and until 3 users have access with the same license. Ideal for small and medium sized business.

Supermetrics for Google Data Studio Super Pro pricing

This plan allows you to have 100 accounts and 5 users. It works perfct to big agencies with many clients.

Supermetrics for Google Data Studio Enterprise pricing

Custom plan, includes hubspot and Twitter premium.

Choose the most convenient plan for your business. You won´t regret! Supermetrics works very well and the connections to data sources are solid and stable. Comments, suggestions o questions? Leave it in comments box.

Watch my videos and find surprises when you pay your Supermetrics license.

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