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Google Data Studio is an awesome tool to build quality dashboards, it connects and works perfect with Google Products but it’s a headache for those of us who work with different data sources as Facebook and we need to put information in the same dashboard.

Does exist a free Data Studio Facebook connector?

Until now, and according to my research, no it doesn’t. All solutions are subscription or freemium paid connectors with some trial days. We have to purchase it.

Which is the best Data Studio Facebook connector?

I will come to the point: Supermetrics for Data Studio is the best option you can choose as a Facebook Data Studio Connector. I have proved it and i got more than a year using it. The most important thing, is that Supermetrics not just brings Facebook, also have another data sources as LinkedIn, Instagram, Hubspot, etc. You can see the list, click here. Although, the tool is not the cheapest, they have very competitive pricing, client support, and enough documentation to setup your dashboards successfully.

Supermetrics for Data Studio, the best option

Supermetrics is totally versatile, scalable and functional. It has saved me many times and helps me to save time in my result’s presentation.

Similar to supermetrics, alternatives and other Data Studio connectors

As you my friend, i have much time looking for an intuitive solution, versatile and cheap (I wish it would be free) to implement on my reports but I haven’t found it . I’m not a developer and I can’t find a find a hack that works.

Below, i will let you some tools that i found, some Supermetrics Alternatives:


Its landing page doesn’t show pricing, the smallest plan is for agencies. The tool must be expensive and may be not affordable to freelancers and small business.


Starts from $499. No words. Expensive and complex, I think it brings many data sources and must works awesome, however, pricing, pricing is high.


Average month pricing, $149, however it has data source’s limitations. The platfom only connects with ad platforms, you can’t find Facebook insights or LinkedIn pages.

Works using queries from SQL. If you know how to, may be can work for you.

Report Dash

Starts from $19 / month but you can use only 2 accounts from your data source. On the other hand is not totally Google Data Studio, it works with preset modules and i don’t know if you can use all Google Data Studio’s elements freely.

Data relate

It looks like the perfect solution. $24/month it’s very good and the video demo works perfectly. But for your own health, DON’T purchase it. I tested it personally and it didn’t work. Again that disturbing preset modules that don’t let you work. How about support? They don’t have one. Do it for yourself, try to search some of this tool on internet and you won’t find more than their landing page.

Power my Analytics

Interesting tool, it has a quote calculator to build your own plan according to the number of data sources and accounts you need Pricing is average and according some YouTube videos it works. I would give a chance.

The list goes on but the offers is guided by bigger business and agencies.

  • Dataddo
  • Atinternet
  • Avidtrak
  • Tercept

Please, remember all I wrote in this article is my opinion. If you have another comment or suggest I would glad to read and test. I highly recommend Supermertics for Data Studio because i use this tool more than a year and it works perfectly. If you wish to do the trial click here. I have 20% discount in every plan you need. In this blog you will find templates and more recommendations I will write.

What do you think?

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