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Facebook Ads let the users extract data information about advertising campaigns to monitor the behavior and measure results properly. Facebook Ads has many metrics and dimensions that help us to understand all development and performance of active advertising through key performance indicators.

Facebook Ads metrics in reports

Facebook Ads metrics doesn’t have much difference with traditional digital advertising’s KPIs. You can find these:

  • Impressions
  • reach
  • Clicks
  • 3 seconds video views
  • Interactions
  • New fans
  • Leads
  • Amount spent

Some dimensions you’ll find in Facebook Ads to dictribute with metrics are:

  • Dates
  • Accounts
  • Campaigns
  • Ad groups
  • Ads
  • Locations
  • Geolocalization
  • Gender
  • Age

¿How do you create a Facebook Ads report?

A Facebook Ads report must have the most important indicators of your campaigns. To Measure behavior and show your management properly is important to show the following:

  • General indicators
  • Behavior in time periods
  • Performance calculations like percentages, CTR, success over impressions, etc.
  • Indicators obtained by ads, campaigns and ad groups
  • Facebook locations
  • Impression devices

Automate your report with Google Data Studio and Supermetrics.

¿How to create a Facebook Ads report?

To extract data information from Facebook Ads platform just go to Advertising reports in Facebook Business Manager, choose filters and download data in .csv or use an automation tool like Supermetrics for Google Data Studio and save too much time.

Facebook Ads report example

Now I’m going to show you a Facebook Ads dashboard example totally automated built with Google Data Studio and Supermetrics for Data Studio. In this example of Facebook Ads report you will find the most important indicators to analyze the behavior of your campaigns. You can copy and paste no problem, just visit Supermetrics and do the 14 days trial to use it.

Google Data Studio Facebook Ads

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Using Facebook Ads report template

To use this template, watch the following video tutorial to connect your Facebook Ads account and how to share it. Don’t forget to go to Supermetrics and subscribe to this blog for more templates, news, even some benefits.

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