Connecting Supermetrics with Instagram

If you are going to connect your Instagram account maybe you can find an issue with connection. It occurs because Instagram Business account must be connected to a Facebook account.

Requirements to connect your Instagram account with Supermetrics:

Be sure of this before start:

  • Your Instagram account must be an Instagram Business account, if you don’t have Instagram Business take a look at this
  • Your Instagram account must be connected to a Facebook page
  • The Instagram account is going to use Facebook’s authentication.
  • You need role as administrator of Facebook page.

Setting up permisions

1. Login to your facebook account

2. Click here to do the integration

3. In assets section look for “Supermetrics Connector” option

4. Choose “Supermetrics Connector” option and click on remove. Be careful, it will appear two Supermetrics options. DON’T REMOVE “Supermetrics”.

5. Back to Supermetrics.

6. Re authenticate Instagram Insights properly.

7. The platform would request access in a pop-up like this.:

8. Must show a list of accounts. Be sure your Instagram account is in the list.

9. Click on OK to accept access request

Supermetrics Instagram template for Google Data Studio

Now you reconnect your account, you can use the template for Instagram Supermetrics built in Google Data Studio, click bellow to use it.

Supermetrics Instagram Data Studio template

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