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For some time now we have been waiting for a slightly cheaper version of the famous Supermetrics product because as time goes by it seems to get more and more expensive and this; for those of us who use it independently, turns out to be a little pocket pain.

Is there really a cheap version of Supermetrics?

To be honest, Supermetrics is a very complete tool and it has countless partners that make it robust, with different types of connections such as Google sheets, Google Data Studio and even Excel; however, recently I have come across another powerful tool that enters the market directly as a complement to Google sheets.

Alternative to Supermetrics

Dataslayer is a Google sheets add-on with an intuitive and friendly drag & drop interface that allows you to extract information from various sources and place it directly into Google docs spreadsheets. It connects to the platforms:

  • Google Ads
  • Google Analytics
  • Microsoft Advertising
  • Criteo
  • Google Display & Video 360
  • Google Double click Campaign Manager
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Search Console

¡Yes sir, it connects with Facebook! One of our main headaches is precisely an economical connector with the Facebook Ads platform to complete the digital advertising reporting schemes.

Is it a good alternative to Supermetrics?

I have been using the platform for a couple weeks now and there has been no mess, no bugs reported and the triggers are working fine. It is a tool very similar to Supermetrics, even in its interface and dialog boxes, not surprisingly it even has a module to import queries directly from Supermetrics.

Pricing alternative to Supermetrics

Dataslayer’s most economical plan costs about $50 less than Supermetrics if you purchase the tool on a monthly basis. We could say that if there is a considerable saving and it refreshes up to 500 queries per day.

Supermetrics FREE alternative

Dataslayer has a free version. Currently (November 2020), the platform offers a version with refresh of 20 queries per day totally FREE.

Datareporte’s review

The tool works very well and does its job, if you’re looking for a Google sheets plug-in for digital advertising reporting that includes Facebook Ads, Google Ads and some behavior with Google Analytics and SEO Dataslayer is perfect. It is not as cheap as we expected, but there is a saving of almost 40% compared to Supermetrics. Try it and take advantage of the free versión, is very similar to Supermetrics.

What do you think?

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